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Do you pay taxes when buying, owning or selling a house ?


Are non-resident taxpayers required to declare their immovable income ?


What formalities should you fulfil when arriving in Belgium ?


What is your net salary or net income when working in Belgium ?


What taxes are due by resident and non-resident heirs of a Belgian inheritance ?


Are you required to report your foreign bank account ?


Is there a tax benefit in attributing part of your income to your spouse ?


Who is the legal debtor of the «immovable withholding tax» ?


Which expatriates can benefit from the special expat tax regime ?


How foreign income from movable assets is taxed in Belgium ?


When is it «Tax Freedom Day» in Belgium this year ?


What is the Belgian tax status of NATO, SHAPE and IMS officials ?


Does abolishing the Dutch non-resident inheritance tax create new tax opportunities ?


Are you entitled to the «abattement» when buying a house in Belgium ?