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Is hiring out private property to your company subject to VAT ?


Why Belgium is still an attractive location for foreign investors ?


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What are the principal Belgian Income Tax measures for 2010 (part I) ?


What are the principal Belgian Income Tax measures for 2010 (part II) ?


What is the «correct» credit interest rate for the director's current account ?


Does a non-simulated agreement prove the professional character of a cost ?


Does the private use of a mobile phone generate a taxable fringe benefit ?


What does the «fixed foreign business travel allowance» include ?


What is the benefit of working through a management company ?


When assets need to be depreciated and when they are a tax deductible cost ?


Are you required to report payments made to tax havens ?


What are the consequences of a share repurchase by a company ?


What are the tax consequences of the 2012 Belgium Budget Agreement ?