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Belgian Official Gazette   (dutch, french and german)


The official website for all Belgian legislation. Online since 1 January 2003. Part of the Federal Public Service 'Justice'. Availability of texts in ASCII and PDF from 1997. A free-of-charge helpdesk for facilitating access at +32 (0)800 98 809.



Belgian Tax Administration   (dutch, french, german and partly in english)


Portal of the Federal Public Service 'Finance'. Occasionally updated with new information. Provides you with an organisation chart of the Belgian Tax Administration, a FAQ list, a summary of official leaflets and some general information in addition to Fisconetplus.


With a small FAQ list in english regarding the tax formalities for non-resident (foreign) taxpayers: link


To get advance certainty about your Belgian tax position: Belgian Ruling Commission   (dutch and french)



Fisconetplus   (dutch and french)


The official website for all Belgian tax legislation. Since recently exclusively managed by the Federal Public Service 'Finance'. Not as reliable as the Official Gazette as not every new law is published. Can be contacted easily through   


With an overview of the double taxation treaties currently in force: Belgian tax treaties   (dutch, french and partly in english)



Official Tax Forms   (dutch, french and german)


An online database for practically all official tax forms. Possible to open or download in PDF. The easy-to-use search engine provides methods to access and acquire both electronic and print media.



Tax Office Locator   (dutch, french and german)


An easy-to-use search engine that allows you to find the tax office or administration you are looking for. It provides a three-way method to find the right address, telephone or fax number, opening hours, etc. Search by key-word, competence or simply by name.



Tax Calculator   (dutch and french)


An easy-to-use calculator for calculating your taxes due, proving an invaluable tool when completing your tax report. It is updated every new tax year, but it currently still allows you to recalculate your taxes paid for income year 2009.



Expatica    (english)


A website that provides daily news, features and practical information on living abroad for the international community in Belgium. Go to the toolbox to ask experts questions or get in touch with the international community through the different discussion forums.    (dutch)


This start page provides an extensive overview of websites for the international community in Belgium. From job opportunities to relocation and features on tax, finance and expatriate support in general.









European Community legislation    (english)


A directory of Community legislation in force as at 1 August 2009. The website is available in 23 official languages of the European Union. The contents amount to some 3 600 000 documents with texts dating back to 1951. The database of legislative texts is updated daily.


With a direct link to Council Directive 2006/112/EC of 28 November 2006 on the common system of value added tax: link    (english)


Tax Sites Directory is a comprehensive index of web-based tax resources. The directory is designed to be a starting point for people who are searching for European and international tax information, products, and services.



British expats   (english)


A resource for british expats around the world. Immigration and general discussion forums, articles, blogs, chat room, photo gallery and more.




Your online guide to Belgian Tax Law


    Belgian tax matters 


    European tax matters